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Roger Pfund exhibition at “Artvera’s”, Geneve

Sofia Komarova, the Director of “Artvera’s” gallery talks with Irina Vernichenko, “” about “Artvera’s ” and Roger Pfund’s exhibition.

Sofia Komarova: “Artvera’s” opened in 2007 and for quite some time our main direction was modern art only, last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary with representations from Diaghilev ballet seasons. But for the last 6 years we have been also developing contemporary art. Our third line is that I am trying to show to the public the artists who were famous in their times, but are now completely forgotten by the art market (not by museum specialists). Serge Charchoune is case in point, or Friedrich Gotsch. Gotsch participated in “The Bridge” group exhibition, was declared by nazi a”degenerative artist”, was a student of Oscar Kokoshka, and now there is no understanding who he was.

Or Charchoune…As Picasso pointed out at the time: “Paris has two geniuses right now, me and Charchoune”, but where is Charchoune? And there are a lot of artists like that. I am bringing them back to life.
These are the 3 main parts: conceptual exhibitions of 20 century modern art, mostly first names, then forgotten artists of the 20 century and contemporary art as the third one.

Irina Vernichenko: What about Korean art exhibition “Korean spirit”?

Sofia: There are two points first of all: great respect of Korean artists for their past, they are researching, adoring it, addressing their origins, their roots, and innovations at the same time, the constant search for a new, modern presentation. Traditional vases are made of soap (ephemeral art), traditional genres of painting and classical techniques: mulberry paper, ink, golden gouache – are combined with modern hyperrealism.

About Roger Pfund exhibition: Pfund is a representative of contemporary art, and as well represents the value of the whole country, Switzerland. He is more than anything known as a graphic artist, of course as the creator of Swiss passports, creator of French francs, the 50 franc note with the Little Prince on it, but he says that his source – and above all he is an artist. In his prints, and in mixed technique he first paints with oil, then makes an imprint and then processes it. Painting dominates while he is a virtuoso in the graphics sense.


Roger Pfund, Nejjinsky, copyright Roger Pfund

Irina:What is the main Swiss characteristic of Franco-Swiss artist Pfund? 

Sofia: Some, not to say, humbleness. Most famous artists today have a commercial global approach to life, Roger Pfund’s art is rooted in his life experience, how he lived, his love, and basic Swiss values, hard work, concentration, finely developed art. His art has a lot of self-demand and a lot of self-responsibility. This is his swissness, if you will.

At the exhibition we show his 2 series that had won the first prize for the Euro banknote design, but the Commission had chosen the an Austrian artist that won the second price, which is a pity.

Irina: What is Pfund’s relationships with red color?

Sofia: He loves it from a colorist point of view, as a strong color. It is by no chance that quite a few turned dressed in red at the opening. I saw him often in red. It’s his color. He loves the life as it is. Red is both a luxury and a beauty. And femininity, and provocation, and passion, and a passion for work.

Sofia Komarova and Roger Pfund


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